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The Entitlement Abolition Masterclass (Lifetime)

I’m Doug Andrew and I am a financial strategist and abundant living mentor who has over the last 40 plus years worked with thousands of clients to create not only predictable financial strategies but also reliable "family banks" people use to empower their children and cultivate a culture of abundance and prosperity rather than scarcity and entitlement.
So what is the key to creating a culture of abundance and accountability?
We call it Entitlement Abolition.
In more than 44 years as a financial strategist, I have seen countless clients work hard to manage and grow their wealth, enjoy abundance, and foster a similar dream of prosperity for their posterity. But that dream can turn into a nightmare! The Entitlement Abolition process is a system that empowers you to intentionally create and leave a legacy without coercion, guilt, and backbiting.
So I’m going to share with you 3 mistakes about Entitlement Abolition and how you can be empowered to transform your family or business from "me" to "we".

In this Masterclass We'll Show You How to Eliminate These 3 Legacy Creation Mistakes

  • Equal distribution is the fairest way to treat those you care about.
  • Thinking your leadership role ends when your children or employees are "out of the nest.”
  • Leaving behind a monetary inheritance to bless your posterity with a "legacy."
This masterclass is specifically created to give you a roadmap to abolishing entitlement in your home or workplace without feeling like you have to force people to do anything.
And so what this is going to do is help you learn the difference between a scarcity mindset and an abundance mindset. You'll also begin to see how the Three Dimensions of Authentic Wealth (especially the two Legacy Dimensions) work together to cultivate these mindsets.
I'll share ideas on how to develop a KASH (Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills and Habit) Blueprint and develop a lasting Legacy Bank. I'll even reveal some of my own agendas and ideas of how to hold Family Vacations or Business Retreats with a purpose. 
YOU can be empowered with an arsenal of tools that have helped people mend broken family relationships, shift company culture and productivity, and foster the habits and mindsets of abundance and prosperity!